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Thread: Difference between a Notepad and a Netbook?

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    Default Difference between a Notepad and a Netbook?

    we have an Asus Eee 1001 Netbook & an Acer Aspiron One D255 preloaded with XP.

    1. Is XP on these same as on my desktop?, i.e Can I use the desktop XP Iin a bootable mem stick to Repare or install XP on any of them if the need arises?

    2 . What is the difference between a Notebook & a Netbook?

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    To the first question: No difference between desktop and netbook except for drivers. I wouldn't recommend trying to use the Flash Drive for all unless it is from a copy of XP you bought yourself and not from a copy that came with one of the computers as these are OEM and setup for that computer. If still wanting to try this, make sure you have serial for both computers (generally located on bottom of Notebook\Netbooks)

    To the second question: The difference between a Notebook and a Netbook will generally be noticed by looking at the size of the keyboard. Notebooks generally have a full size keyboard comparable to a Laptop. Netbooks have a smaller keyboard. Both Notebooks and Netbooks do not include optical drives as Laptops do but have ports for connecting external devices only.

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