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Thread: very low copying speed on network : help

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    Default very low copying speed on network : help

    I just put a Raid 0 configuration on my home server, and installed a fresh new 7.
    I start copying my backuped files to the server, it goes at ~60MB/s, which is already a bit disapointing because it's not better than the speeds I had when I only had one HDD on the server.

    Then a few minutes later I copy another directory, and it won't go past 30MB/s. I tried with a lot of files, big iso files, it's still stuck at 30MB/s

    More info on my configurations :
    Server : RAID 0 2x WD Caviar Black 1TB (one has 32MB cache, the other has 64... Could it be related ?)
    PC from where I copied the files : RAID 0 3x WD Caviar Blue 640GB

    So, in theory, the speed between both PCs should be around 100MB/s. I was already at 80-90MB/s on large files when the server only had one caviar black. And I checked, the speeds are normal when I copy something locally on the server...

    Any ideas ?

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    Is it possibly a network speed limit? You mentioned server, but you didn't really describe the HW that connects the two PC's.

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