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Thread: Integrated Camera not working on Lenovo X201

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    Default Integrated Camera not working on Lenovo X201


    I have a Lenovo X201 3626-A61. Installed windows XP.

    1. I have a brand new hard disk, installed fresh windows XP and my integrated camera works perfectly from windows explorer. Through device manager, I checked that its sensed as a USB Video Device and uses I guess the default microsoft driver. I did this extra step to ensure that there is NO hardware problem with my camera.

    2. Then I insert back my regular hard disk that I use daily. This is where the problem is. As soon as I right click on the "USB video device", I get error "Creation of Video preview failed". In device manager, it shows as USB video device and shows the default microsoft driver. I have tried downloading both versions of the drivers available on lenovo ( I dont know why there are 2 separate files) and it does not help. When I install them, device manager show's up as "integrated camera". Uninstall of lenovo driver actually does not uninstall it correctly. So I had to delete all the relevant entries from the registry and even from oem*.inf files. No luck
    I even tried to un-install the "usb video device" from device manager and also uninstalled all the items listed under "universal serial bus controllers".. but no luck.
    One thing I observed was that as soon as I uninstall all these and then do a scan for hardware changes, it installs the enhanced host controller, usb root hub, generic usb hub, and for a second it detects it as "integrated camera" with a yellow mark and then it automatically changes to "USB video device". I feel this is the error.. where the Lenovo driver remains are still there somewhere and it partially detects it as integrated camera and then it conflicts with the Microsoft USB video camera drivers......

    Can some one please help ?

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    Make sure Windows XP is upto date with all updates and the latest Service pack.
    As you said, once you uninstall all these instead of doing scan for hardware changes, try installing chipset drivers from Lenovo site then install the camera driver.

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    I think its some driver problem. take it to the computer dealer. he will do the needful for you.

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