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Thread: How to Install or Update Drivers on Windows 7 | 8

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    Post How to Install or Update Drivers on Windows 7 | 8

    Nice tips from Capt.Jack's blog on how to find the right drivers

    Doís and Doníts:

    1, Always before removing the Driver find the drivers and download it and keep it ready.

    2, Disconnect from Internet once you download the driver so Windows wonít try to download the drivers for you.

    3, Please donít use Windows Update to download the drivers because Windows also wonít find the latest and greatest drivers so that can even crash your System or the root cause might be the drivers from Windows Update.

    4, As I mentioned in nVidia Driver cleanup turn off Automatic Driver installation on Window 7 check this link for instructions Drivers Ė Turn Off Automatic Driver Installation

    5, Never ever never use third party application to find Drivers for you I donít see any point in using them just that you need to do a little extra work find the drivers and download it from trusted location. Well itís my opinion.
    Full read at

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    Thought I knew it all, but the Capt. had a trick or two I didn't know of

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