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Thread: Are HDD with SSD cache combined any good.

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    Question Are HDD with SSD cache combined any good.

    Hi I would like to know if anyone has any good or bad experiences with HDD with SSD cache all on one drive. Alternatively how good are the Corsair Accelerator Series SSD cache. Or other makes of SSD Cache drives. I run windows 7 Home Premium.

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    The general consensus by several users was that they are not worth the money.

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    The general consensus by several users was that they are not worth the money.
    Oh? That is not what I am seeing at all.

    If expecting SSD performance from these "hybrid" drives, then you will be disappointed. That is not what they are about, nor is that how they are marketed. They are a compromise between standard buffered drives and SSDs. But a very good (for us consumers) compromise. If SSDs are not in your budget, then hybrid drives are well worth considering. If building a new computer today, and SSDs are not in the budget, I see no reason to stick with standard drives.

    While boot times are not necessarily an indicator of system performance once all your start programs have loaded and initialized, boot times do give you a fairly decent indicator of drive performance (with everything else being equal).

    Rats. I cannot yet post urls so please bear with me (I'll include ID #s if you want to verify).

    If you view the Youtube video, 4gnm8bGFYvo, you can clearly see SSDs are the fastest. But you can also see the hybrid drives leave standard drives in the dust. And due to the "adaptive memory", the programming in the SSD interface that learns your computing habits, the times improve more after a few sessions.

    I note Newegg sells a 500Gb hybrid for just $10 more than it's standard buffered sibling. See Newegg # N82E16822178240 vs N82E16822148914 (note the SSD drive has a 32Mb buffer too, vs only a 16Mb on the standard drive).

    Whereas the cheapest 500Gb SSDs at Newegg cost 9 times more than the hybrid drive at $380! (N82E16820211598).
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    I think hybrid drives do a great job at what they do: high capacity with some benefits of SSD. It's a compromise. With SSD's, you give up storage space for speed. With standard, you give up speed for storage space. These hybrids fit right in the middle. Faster than standard but with similar sizes. Slower than SSD, but with higher capacity.

    If I didn't have an SSD, I'd certainly look into one now. I have a separate server with a lot of space, so space isn't my concern with my main machine. Speed is.

    Then, if add in cost: it makes a huge difference. I'd go hybrid over standard for the small price increase. It's enough of a performance increase to justify the cost.

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    I'm using an Lenovo U 410 ultrabook, i7 Ivy bridge, 8 Gb, 24 Gb + 500 Gb hybrid drive, Windows 7 HP, boot time cold 21 seconds.

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