Looking for a stylish keybord with minimalist design? TryWedge Mobile Keyboard!

Wedge Mobile Keyboard:

The full-sized keyboard has been designed specifically for Windws 7 and Windows 8 users but is also compaible with iPad and android devices.

It is built with Windows 8 hotkeys, to give you a quick and convenient way to search, switch between windows, and more. Plus, it uses Bluetooth technology, thereby allowing you to wirelessly connect to your tablet without a cable or transceiver. Check out Wedge Mobile Keyboard.

Wedge Touch Mouse:

The wedge mouse is a perfect companion for your laptop/tablet. It small enough to fit in your pocket! Like Wedge keyboard, Wedge Touch Mouse too is blue-tooth enabled and features BlueTrack technology that makes the device work on virtually any surface. Wedge Touch Mouse.