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Thread: PC will not boot on a new HD

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    Default PC will not boot on a new HD

    I formated & install Win XP home on my old Sata WD 80gb HD.

    It boots fine on my XP PC (Asus P5K3/P5K premium) but, on my wifes XP PC (Mobo Asus F1A55M LE) although is visible in the Bios Setup will not boot, it goes up to the lines left to right & reboots for ever.

    It even shows & is read by win. explorer (of wife's PC) when is pigybaged on onother HD that boots.

    Even tried he "R" on the WinXP CD in desperation with no luck.

    Any help will be apreciated ..........thanx .........nick

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    You would need to reinstall Windows if you are putting it in a different PC with a different hardware configuration. The drivers are loaded and installed for the first PC you installed it on. There are times when it CAN work, or it will work enough to get new drivers installed, but the hardware would need to be very similar (same chipset, etc.).

    Windows 7 is a lot more forgiving when it comes to the various hardware, but XP is known to crap out when the install is moved to a different hardware configuration.

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