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Thread: This device cannot start (Code 10) USB storage

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    Default This device cannot start (Code 10) USB storage

    I tried using a USB drive recently and although the device was recognised. (I got the safely remove icon in the tray), the USB drive was not recognised. (drive not seen in Windows Explorer).

    I repeated with a second USB drive but experienced the same.

    This device cannot start (Code 10)

    I saw the message: Cannot start code 10.

    The USB ports used to work.

    I went to Device Manager and under Human Interface Devices I saw two subdirectories.

    Both gave: USB Human Interface Device.

    I checked on Properties for both and noted that the devies are working and the drivers are up to date.

    I think there must be a driver problem.

    Windows crashes after attemting to use the USB drive, but recovers.

    I have not tried to use the USB ports for some time, but my last software download was the free version of Kingsoft Presentation (seems to work well).

    Last Windows update was:

    Installation status: Successful

    Advice please.

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    The error message This device cannot start (Code 10) is a Device Manager error code. It is generated when Device Manager can't start the hardware device, due to outdated or corrupted drivers. Also the device's hardware key contains a "FailReasonString" value, and the value string is displays an error message defined by the hardware manufacturer. If the hardware key does not contain a “FailReasonString” value the message above is displayed.

    You may have to Uninstall/Update Device Drivers in Windows.

    If the Hardware Fix It applies to your operating system, run it, esle use the built-in Hardware Troubleshooter & USB Troubleshooter - maybe it will help you troubleshoot the issue.

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