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Thread: Move Mouse Pointer position to middle of the screen when not in use

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    Default Move Mouse Pointer position to middle of the screen when not in use

    Is there a way to move the mouse pointer into the middle of the screen if the mouse is not used
    lets say for 1 or 2 min this way I know were to find it easer?
    Thanks in advance

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    I know of no way to do that. Perhaps someone else here has some idea.

    Would you like to try this instead?
    Keep track of your Mouse Pointer in Windows 8 | 7

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    You can find the mouse position and I believe change it with JavaScript and other languages fairly easily but I have no idea how you would go about initializing to start with Windows to do the monitoring. Also JavaScript would not actually work as it depends on a web browser.

    It is an interesting thought though. I wonder if something could be done with scripting through Task Manager...

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