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Thread: Windows 8 Tweak to Text-To-Speech (TTS) files in registry

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    Lightbulb Windows 8 Tweak to Text-To-Speech (TTS) files in registry


    im hoping i placed this post in the right spot. first of all i was looking around on the internet for a way to obtain the tts files for Microsoft Anna from vista and windows 7. after looking and looking i found nothing but got a idea to try to grab a copy of the Anna tts registry files. i successfully obtained them but now im curious to if i can make them work with windows 8 so i can use this tts voice on windows 8 as well as the three others David (US), Hazel (UK) and Zira (US). i tried to change a few of the values to direct windows to find Anna but have failed. im wondering if there is anything i can to to set the keys to the correct values and paths to be able to use this voice within windows 8. if i can do so im wondering what must be done to make this functional within windows 8 and 8.1. i use a windows 8.1 system and have a fair amount of computer registry knowledge. but just in case i backed up my registry in the event something goes wrong adding in the Anna tts keys from my old vista machine. any insight on my problem?

    as always i would like to thank you for reading this.

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    Hello and welcome to TWCF!

    Well, from your query I can conclude that you are having issues while using Text-to-Speech feature. Please note that narrator is not available in all languages. And AFAIK, you can check following registry key that if it have CTFMON.EXE named registry string in the right pane:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Run
    This registry string can be used to enable or disable TTS feature so far.

    Hope this answers your query, Good day!

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