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Thread: Can't delete photos from SD Card using Windows 8 File Explorer

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    Default Can't delete photos from SD Card using Windows 8 File Explorer

    Hi. First post and have been looking for answers all over the internet. I have looked at lots of advice and many forums.

    I have a 1 year old PC with Windows 8.1. I take a lot of pictures with 2 different cameras and have a few SD cards. Up until 2 months ago I could open the SD card using Windows File Explorer where I could view, copy and move the photo files. I was also able to highlight and delete selected photos from the SD card.

    About 2 months ago I could no longer delete any photos from the SD card using either Delete at the top ribbon or by right clicking and selecting Delete. The Delete at the top is grayed and when I right click Delete is not an option.

    I made sure that the SD card is unlocked on all 4 cards. I have used 2 different SD card readers and 2 desktop PCs. I can view, rename, move, copy and so on but not delete. Both PCs have Windows 8.1. I can delete photos using the cameras but that only deletes all or 1 at a time. I can also delete selected photos using an old laptop with Windows 7. So the problem is not specific to one SD card, not specific to a computer and not specific to a camera.

    It appears to be on Windows 8.1 computers and only recently because until 2 months ago I was able to delete photos.

    One piece of advice that I have not tried is uninstalling the Card Reader driver and re-installing it. Here also is another problem. When I search for new drivers for the Reader I find a few drivers and I am uncertain which one I should use.

    I hope you can help me.

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    Welcome to TheWindowsClub. As you said try reinstalling the drivers. Which make is it? Does it get listed in Device manager?
    Also try connecting it to a different USB port, preferably situted on back side of computer that is directly on board.
    Also if possible try to format your card then try again. (Take back ups before formatting)
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    Right click on one of these photo file and click on properties. Do you see a button called "Unblock". Click on this button and try again.
    Or your photos are read-only?

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