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Thread: Jumping cursor problem in Windows computer

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    Default Jumping cursor problem in Windows computer

    A few users are having this issue & nobody else seems to have really discovered why as they all believe it is a user issue of the heel of palm or fingers bumping the Touchpad. I have noted consistencies with my past mega machine (which was stolen) & the schoolboys machine I am currently using.

    All though I can understand that this can happen, I have narrowed my instance down to fact of me typing 't' or 'T'. (In the past there have been occasions when 's' or 'r' also initiated it but it is most 't'. The fact of the most commonly used keys gives me suspicions of undetectable virus of sorts) When this happens e.g. typing 'The' - t is typed, h & e end up going in where the cursor was left many lines above or if cursor is left off page type goes nowhere & you type on regardless. But ... some times it will automatically select a block of type & delete or in e-mail after opening a mail, you press reply, the button in the replied mail now changes to send & the cursor stays above it while you merrily answer your mail - until a certain 't' is typed & the low down sausage machine acts as Enter & sends the unfinished mail. My hand is never on the touchpad it hovers a finger height above, so I doubt that Touch Pad Exclusion Software will assist me but I will keep it in mind.

    Another thing I note, is if you type slow & don't punch keys overly hard it doesn't happen or is less likely to happen. Dell, HP Lenovo Samsung it makes no difference therefore it must be a software issue if it isn't hand bumping.

    I just wanted to spread the word, that people can be cognizant & analyse if there isn't perhaps something similar happening with them. I personally think it is an intrusive part of some nasty which the AV programs are not picking up because people seldomly get it so they haven't investigated. 3 members of my family have it or have had it though. I have noted it comes & goes for a few months at a time.

    Here is an example of what the word 'transport your goods easily along a river' would look like if it happened, bear in mind other type continues after 't', type two 't's' & it really gets scrambled. Furthermore many lines may have been typed & then it happens which makes it difficult to catch sometime : e.g.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx x xx xxxxxxxxxx x xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxt t your gooda easily along a riverransporxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxt (this is point at which it begins, sends 'ransport to cursor, hit the 2nd t & it goes backward from that point again). This is not exact, only a representation.

    I have switched the 'Hide Cursor' unclicked while typing now. It hasn't done it for this entire type but that will change. It has of it's own accord before now. G-r-r-r!
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