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Thread: Windows computer not detecting or recognizing SD card

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    Default Windows computer not detecting or recognizing SD card

    I have a Sony VAIO that was new with Windows 8, updated to 8.1 and now to Windows 10.

    It has never recognized the presence of my 2GB SD card in it's native slot on the side of the computer in any of the iterations of Windows I've installed.

    However, the little amber idiot light next to the SD card slot does blink twice whenever I physically insert the card.

    This same SD card (which I use in my Canon camera) works just fine in another VAIO I own.

    I would appreciate any help in solving this problem. I've pulled my hair out in frustration looking for a solution online.

    Thanks, Jim.

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    See if any of this helps:

    Ensure that you are not using a SDHC card in an SD card reader.

    Open Disk Management. You should see the Card drive on the right hand side. Assign a drive letter to it. Now check if it is detected in File Explorer.

    Uninstall and Reinstall the driver for 2.0 Card Reader

    Run the Windows Hardware troubleshooter and Windows USB Troubleshooter.

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