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Thread: Can't get a PC-Card SSD device to show up in Explorer

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    Default Can't get a PC-Card SSD device to show up in Explorer

    I have a Dell D520 laptop with a pc-card slot, running Windows 10. I've put an SSD device in the slot (2nd hand from a well-known auction site)

    it does not show up in file-explorer, so I cannot use it.

    partition managers do not see it either.

    however, it is there to be seen in 'safely remove devices', as "SILICONSYSTEMS VER2.0"
    Options also sees it as an 'other device', but offers only dismount.
    msconfig hardware says it's a device and is working fine.

    I have failed at google :-/

    How do I get access to this SSD?

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    You have to initialize an SSD device. Open Start Menu > Disk Management > Create and Format HDD Partitions > Find your SSD in there, right click and Initialize > Format it with NTFS > Assign the drive a name and a drive letter.

    Does this help?

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