If you receive Device Manager error Code 1 - This device is not configured correctly, it means that the particular hardware in question has no drivers installed on the computer or driver is not configured properly for the device to work.

To resolve the issue, from the WinX Menu, open Device Manager > Right click on the hardware which is causing the issue, and select Properties.

1] Click on Update Driver. This will internally check with the Windows Update so it can install the latest working driver for that hardware. If the problem still persists, either because there was no new driver or even the latest one did not work, you will need to manually update the driver.

2] Since updating the driver did not work, you will have to manually download the driver from the OEMs website. To know which version of the driver is installed, go to Properties and check the version of the driver. Then go to OEM website and either download an older version or a new version and install it manually.

This post will show you how to update or install device drivers.

You may also run the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter and see if that helps you.

Hopefully, this should fix the problem for you.