Sometimes a device will fail or stop working. On checking with their listing on the Device Manager, it will display error Reinstall the drivers for this device (Code 18).

You can either reinstall the driver by manually checking for the update or remove the driver first and then choose to install it again.

1] Open Device Manager, and select the device in question. Right click on it, and choose Update Driver. This will initiate Windows Update service, and look for an update. If available, it will install it.

2] The second method is where you choose to uninstall. Right click on the device in the device manager and select uninstall. Once the installation is complete, select scan for hardware changes from the top item.

This will find that device again, and this time chooses to install the driver manually. You can try to download the driver from the OEM website, and when prompted to provide the path of the driver, browser and select the driver which you downloaded.