Every device comes with multiple functions. The drivers make sure Windows can identify each of these properties to make use of its functionality. However, if you are getting Error Code 50 for any of the devices, it means that Windows is not able to apply all the properties of that device.

Windows cannot apply all of the properties for this device (Code 50)

The only way to fix this problem is to reinstall the device, and then reload the drivers again. If possible figure out the latest version of the driver from the OEMs website and install it manually.

1] Right click on the device in the list, and choose to uninstall.
2] Then scan for new hardware changes in the device manager.
3] Once it figures out a new hardware, you will have the option to reinstall the driver manually.
4] Once installed, reboot your computer to Windows can apply all the settings.

Also, make sure to run the Hardware Troubleshooter.