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Thread: Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x80073BC3, 0x8007002, 0x80073B92 - 0x20009

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    Exclamation Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x80073BC3, 0x8007002, 0x80073B92 - 0x20009

    If you receive 0x80073BC3, 0x8007002, 0x80073B92 - 0x20009 error code during Windows Update, its because of multiple system partitions which confuses the update process. The full error message

    The requested system device cannot be found, there is a sharing violation, or there are multiple devices matching the identification criteria.

    If you have installed a new system drive but left the previous system drive connected, it causes the conflict. The only way to resolve this is remove/disconnect that contains the unused system partition. You can also choose to disable the drive from the BIOS.

    Once the upgrade is complete, reconnect the drive or Enable it. The next obvious step is to delete the unused system partition.

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    Make sure that your device has enough space.
    Run Windows Update a few times.
    Check third-party drivers and download any updates.
    Unplug extra hardware.
    Check Device Manager for errors.
    Remove third-party security software.
    Repair hard-drive errors.
    Do a clean restart into Windows.

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