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Thread: Samsung Omnia HD used to show Windows Phone 7 at MIX10

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    Default Samsung Omnia HD used to show Windows Phone 7 at MIX10

    Microsoft displayed a Windows Phone 7 installed Samsung Omnia, probably a modified Samsung Omnia i8910 HD at MIX 2010 conference, yesterday. A day later, Samsung has confirmed that the device was not made by them. In fact, the phone was actually a very professionally modified Omnia HD which is originally designed to run Symbian S60 v5.

    Techradar later reported that, a senior Samsung officials said that the launch was from Microsoft, not Samsung, and that they used the i8910HD to demo Windows Phone 7. Samsung also said that it is unaware whether existing i8910HD configuration phones are upgraded to Windows phone 7 or not as showed in the demo at MIX 2010.

    The Windows Phone 7 OS is really showing some great promises, lets wait and watch until its launch. I suppose Apple must now start thinking about there strategy regarding to the next version of iphone.

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    Looks cool! Maybe I I will buy it when its available

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    3 Windows Phone 7 Series devices from Asus, LG and Samsung seen at MIX10

    to see various screenshots and a short video clip showing Windows Phone 7 series devices from Asus, LG and Samsung seen at MIX10

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