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Thread: A cannon controlled by Windows Phone

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    Default A cannon controlled by Windows Phone

    Scott Guthrie in his Keynote at MIX 10 showed a Cannon controlled by Windows Phone and which shoots T-shirts at the audience present.

    Check out the fun video with this Cannon in action and can also download the complete project with source code at -
    T-shirt Cannon Powered by Windows Phone

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    That's great there is so much going around with Windows Phone 7 series seems like it will mark a big difference.

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    Vasu: Thanks. Looks cool!

    riteshtechie: Only lets hope that the hype matches the product Dont forget that there was a lot of hype generated around Vista too.

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    I dunno bout anyone else but I just want the cannon heh heh heh. Made a cannon that shot tennis balls when I was younger.

    On a side note, so far the phone looks like it's going to be awesome. Everyone I know is grabbing the Droids, IPhones......., and I have kept myself patiently waiting, with my Blackjack2 with Windows Mobile, for a better Windows OS phone

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