During both the keynote and a Windows Phone 7 session here at TechEd North America 2010, Microsoft showed off a subtly newer build of Windows Phone 7 that features a few visual changes over the builds we’ve seen not too long ago from Microsoft MIX and certainly its debut at Mobile World Congress 2010.

The most obvious thing you’ll notice is a more compact lock screen that features much smaller text for the time and date, presumably to address the issue some people raised over the unnecessary clipping of the date. Outlook and the Marketplace tiles also sport a new icon that’s more consistent with the stencil icons on the rest of the start screen. Many icons inside various application menus has also been added.

Beyond just the pictures, the build appeared more complete and responsive in the demonstrations as one would expect as it inches closer to its public release, especially since Microsoft hopes to deliver actual devices to developers “very soon”.

Watch the video here:
Windows Phone 7 @ TechEd 2010

Source: IStartedSomething
Windows Phone 7 screencaps from TechEd 2010 – istartedsomething