According to a blog post made by Tim Anderson at (Link Flash and AIR for Windows Phone 7 by mid 2011? Tim Andersonís ITWriting ), it seems that Adobe will be releasing both Flash and AIR for the Windows Phone 7 platform. After chatting with people at the Adobe partner conference in Amsterdam, Tim has learned some interesting tidbits of information regarding the future of these Adobe offerings.

AIR for Android is ready to roll, for PalmOS it's, apparently, very close to complete, BlackBerry is coming along nicely, and Windows Phone 7 ain't too far off. According to Michael Chaize, who is a Flash Platform evangelist in Paris, Flash and AIR will make their way to the Windows Phone 7 platform "within months" of Microsoft's new baby hitting the streets. This is the first time any release timetable has been specified.

Although no further information was revealed, this news is something for Windows Phone users to be excited about. With Microsoft joining the ranks of those who support Flash on mobile, Apple is now looking more and more like a lone wolf in their battle for mobile dictatorship. Before getting too excited, it should be mentioned that "within months" can mean so many different things. As users, we could possibly see Flash on Windows Phone 7 by the end of the year, though it seems unlikely. The first half of 2011 seems like a pretty reasonable assumption
Take that Apple !!!!!!!!!!!

Article via Neowin - Windows Phone 7 to get Flash "within months" of release