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Thread: Feedback: WP7 Marketplace Enabler.

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    Default unable to install app on htc 7 trophy


    Am new to the club...just bought my HTC 7 trophy, I downloaded couple of free app using zune on pc, ofcourse using wp7 enabler for marketplace, i got the message "your app will be installed soon" , I did wait for 10 minutes before disconnecting the phone from, the app is not showing up on the phone...i downloaded the adobe reader. When i use the marketplace app in the phone it says "marketplace not yet available in your country" can someone tell me where I am going wrong.

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    Question Reinstalling/Updating apps through Marketplace Enabler

    Dear Lee and Anand,

    First of all thanks a ton for the wonderful Marketplace Enabler. Its really a Godsend for us WP7 users in India. I have installed over 70 apps through it in the last 2 weeks including several paid ones. I have read this thread today and I may have some solutions from my experience.

    The first issue is of various people complaining of the WP7ME not working for them. I think the issue must be in the Windows Live ID they used for their phone initially. I understand that people in India may have made US based IDs in an attempt to unlock various services, but it seems that the Marketplace Enabler doesn't work with that. I always had an Indian ID and I was browsing apps in the Marketplace through Zune much before I even bought a WP7 phone. I also have my ICICI Bank cc mapped to my Zune account which may have helped me to install even free apps (though the cc doesn't get charged for it)

    Secondly, regarding the problem of Monty above, I think the issue is not of XBox Live games not being available in India. I have Fruit Ninja and Ilomilo installed and play them daily. The issue for Monty might be internet connectivity. Since the apps get installed on the phone OTA, they need high speed WiFi or 3G. Sometimes it has taken several hours or even a day for apps to get installed on my phone when I'm not on WiFi or when GPRS is the only link to internet. I have also seen that when my phone is tethered to the PC while I purchase apps, it gets installed within minutes. (That's because the Windows Phone uses the internet connection of the PC which would be quite fast). This info may be helpful for others too.

    But now I have a problem. While it was a breeze to install apps through WP7ME, the updates to these apps don't show up anywhere. For example, the Facebook app got upgraded to v1.5 but my phone still had v1.4 . I tried to purchase the app again through Zune but it says its already purchased. Then I uninstalled the app hoping that it will be detected and reinstalled, but its been unsuccessful. And now I don't have any Facebook app on my phone!!! On Microsoft support forums it says that the only way to reinstall purchased apps is to hard reset the phone which I don't want to do. It takes just too much time to configure and install everything. I am hoping Lee will find me a solution to the update and reinstalling issues.

    Thanks again for a great product.

    Hotmail Alias
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    I started seeing Xbox Live games on my WP7 jsut a week back or so. Till then I too did not see them installed. Now I can play need for speed, etc too.

    After uninstalling it, yes, you cannot install it again since it says 'already purchased'. But when I have keep my phone connected to my computer/zune software and click on sync, on 2 occasions, all my uninstalled apps got reinstalled. It may take an hour, but that was my personal experience.

    Till the marketplace is fully open in India, thats how we will have to go about it, I suppose.

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