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Thread: What is a Zune Pass?

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    Default What is a Zune Pass?

    A Zune Pass lets you download movies, TV shows, podcasts etc for your Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360, PC, and US Zune players.

    With a Zune Pass you can:
    • Download tracks every month, even if you don't really like some of them, just to make sure you aren't missing anything
    • Download a whole host of old albums that you haven't listened to for ages, or maybe owned in the past but have lost. You might end up finding you’ve outgrown some, and others bring back great memories, but it doesn’t matter – you don’t lose anything by trying them out
    • Try new bands, or different music styles. A Zune Pass really shakes loose your reluctance to stray outside your "safe" music because, if you download it and don't like it, you haven't lost anything. It's all free
    • Download an enormous range of pre-built playlists from Zune Marketplace across a massive range of music styles and tastes. These playlists often have 50 or 60 tracks on them and can be a wonderful source of old music to reminisce to, or new stuff that you never knew about
    • Find someone who has similar musical tastes to you and download some of their playlists. Again, it's all about discovering music for free and again, Zune Marketplace makes this easy for you by recommending people and finding their playlists
    • Another great Zune Marketplace feature is to get recommendations based on the music you've been listening to and simply download them. No listening to a snippet and thinking "should I risk paying for this?". Just download or stream and decide whether you like it. I have discovered loads of new music this way
    • Use the Shazam app on your Windows Phone 7 to identify a track you hear, then click the marketplace link to download it straight away so that it’s in your library on your phone. It will sync to your PC automatically when you next connect up so you could, for example, listen to it on your Xbox, using Kinect to control it using voice commands.

    Nice read here.

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    You can have 14 days free trial too... download your favorite music/video/podcast/TV-shows absolutely free for 14 days ...

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