Windows Phone Marketplace developers may now submit up to 100 free-priced applications as part of their $99 annual App Hub registration fee, up from just five (5) free apps previously. In another piece of good news for developers, apps submitted to Marketplace are no longer required to include support contact information—although the inclusion of this info is still highly recommended.

What's the new limit for free app submission?
In response to developer feedback, Marketplace increased the limit for free-priced app submissions from five (5) to 100 as part of the $99 annual App Hub registration fee. Additional free-priced application submissions after the 100th submission will cost $19.99 per submission. Prior to this policy change, developers could make up to five (5) free-priced application submissions before incurring the $19.99 per-submission fee.

Does this also apply to student developers?
Yes. The change applies to every Windows Phone Marketplace developer.

When is the change effective?

Why do you have a limit at all?
We want Windows Phone 7 customers have great apps and games. The limit exists to avoid a potential flood of low-quality apps by a single developer, and abuse in general.

Why did you choose 100 apps?
The new limit encourages developers to submit high-quality apps, while discouraging a large number of low-quality app submissions.

What if I've already submitted more than five apps? Do I get reimbursed?
No. But from now on, you'll no longer pay for free-priced app submissions until you reach the new limit.

Do the free apps I've already submitted count towards this new limit?

What if I submit more than 100 free apps?
Developers will pay $19.99 for each free app submission above the new 100-app limit.
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