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Thread: Brand new WP7 Video Tutorial - Reminders (Mango)

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    Default Brand new WP7 Video Tutorial - Reminders (Mango)

    Hello guys ...

    We are Yalla Apps - the Global Publisher Program for Microsoft that allows developers to submit their apps to the App Hub worldwide.

    With the Mango update soon coming, we have put together a video tutorial that will help the WP7 community to familiarize and make use of one of the great features of the WP7 : Reminders.

    Please visit the following link to see the entire tutorial:
    ‪WP7 Mango Tutorial - Reminders (Yalla Apps)‬‏ - YouTube

    Appreciate your feedback

    Thank you.
    Yalla Apps
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    It would be easy to say that design-wise nothing has changed. That's wrong of course, but to those unfamiliar with Windows Phone 7, showing you a Windows Phone 7.5 (as listed on the phone) or Windows Phone 7.1 (as listed in Windows Phone 7 Connector on the Mac) Mango device you aren't going to notice a massive difference.

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