If you don't have an unlimited data plan, and wish to save on your bill, here are a few ways to turn down or turn off some of the features that require a data connection on your phone.

Turn on Battery Saver: Battery Saver turns off some, but not all, of the features that require a data connection. You can turn it on whenever you want, or set it to turn on automatically when your battery is low. To learn more, see Battery: making it last.

Change email sync settings: You can choose how often your phone automatically syncs email, or you can sync it manually, just when you want to.

Stop sending usage feedback with a data connection: Your phone can send feedback to help improve Windows Phones, but you can choose not to send this feedback using a cellular data connection.

Turn on airplane mode: If you're looking to turn off your cellular connection just for a while, an easy way is to turn on airplane mode.

Turn off your cellular data connection: The most thorough way to make sure you're not using data is to turn off your data connection altogether.

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