Just purchased a ne Windows Phone mobile device? here are some browsing tips to help you get started.

1. Easier reading: Double tap on a block of text to zoom in for easier reading. Double tap again to zoom out.

2. Quicker calling and mapping: If you see a phone number or address on a site that looks like a link, tap it to quickly place a call or view the address on a map! (Note: this feature isnít available everywhere

3. Check phone status (advanced): Tap and hold More (...) and drag up very slightly to reveal the status bar. Drag down and release to make it disappear.

4. See the entire URL: Ever want to see more of whatís in the address bar? Simply swipe left or right on the text and watch it scroll into view.

5. Faster tab switching : To quickly switch between two or more tabs, press and hold the Back button to open the App switcher. Then just flick to the webpage you want to see again and tap it. The App switcher will show any tabs that youíve recently viewed.

For more tips, go here.