Ricochet Kills is a free Windows Phone game which will measure your skills of guessing and your idea of physics which you need to aim to kill some enemy Ninjas.

Download: windowsphone.com/s?appid=b1ba6020-32a8-47fb-9ee2-f28b14197e56

What is Ricochet Kills About ?

This is a physics based game where you, a Ninja, tries to kill enemy Ninja using Star Blades. That sounds easy, but the problem is they aren’t standing in a queue to die, but are surrounded by walls, barriers and at different heights. The Star Blades are called as “shurikens”.

Game Play :

So what you really need is a good idea of how the bouncing will work to reflect the blades to collide from one wall to another and make it reach the Ninjas. The Shurikens bounce off the walls and platforms which can cause explosions and unlock blockades by destroying electrical boxes. It becomes even tougher in higher level where opponents are on moving platforms which makes it difficult for you to predict.

The difficult part is you don’t have a lot of blades and they don’t keep on reflecting from walls forever. So if you don’t aim it correctly, you will be wasting a lot time seeing it bouncing left and right.

You only have 6 and less shurikens used means you get more points. It is possible for you to throw out all the blades which sometimes gives you an edge killing the ninjas as they disappear for one second every 2 seconds which makes the blade miss them. However, doing this every time might not just work.

There are 72 maps are available, all for free. The game is supported by PubCenter because it is free, but ads do not interfere with the gameplay.