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Thread: Windows Phone 8 app: Mr Laugh changes your Mood in Minutes

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    Default Windows Phone 8 app: Mr Laugh changes your Mood in Minutes

    Only few of us laugh our hearts out daily, but Mr. Laugh counts as an exception to this rule. The man is optimistic and likes to laugh all the time in his life. He is no living person but a funny app deigned for your Windows Phone.
    Mr Laugh listens to you carefully and repeats what you said in a funny voice. If you speak loudly, he laughs loudly and when you make him crazy, he rewards you with something.

    How to use the app?

    When you make Mr. Laugh smile three times, laugh four times and crazy five times you unlock a part and if you win you win, you can hit him with a tomato. He can do the same to you, if you lose. There is more in the game and you come to know about it when you unlock a given part.


    3 smile+ 4 laugh+ 5 crazy=Rock Paper Scissors
    6 smile+ 8 laugh+ 10 crazy=Eating Match

    More Fun Let You Find.

    Download Mr Laugh App

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    I did install it - its good!

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