The QuickWP application speeds up your everyday use of the Windows Phone. It allows you to quickly make phone calls (speed dial), send text messages (including from predefined templates), or create reminders and alarms.

It also provides quick access to your favorite web pages or searching using Bing or Google. If you have a Pocket account, you can browse it or add new links.

You can pin tiles to the phone's start screen for even faster access to contacts, links, templates, reminders, or your network settings such as Wi-Fi or data connection.

Main features:
- quickly add favorite people from your phone contacts
- quick phone calls, messages, or contact info sharing
- favorite links management
- internal browser with "add this page" option
- quick web searching using Google or Bing
- customizable text message templates
- rich reminders and alarms management
- password protection of selected contacts or links
- quick access to network settings
- many tile options
- Pocket (Read It Later) support