After being a winner of Lumia AppCampus Challenge 2013 held by Nokia and Microsoft Viet Nam, Jack's Mistake was completely developed and available on Windows Phone Store now. What do make the game knock all others out to be top of the contest?

Dangerous but very cute, the little viruses were pictured very details

Players fall in love with simple and lovely graphic of Jackís Mistake. The objects are well placed to have a nice look and the chemistry molecules move slowly on game background bring to the exciting.

Winner of the game design contest must have excellent game play. Jack's Mistake is not the exception.

To play the game, players just draw lines to connect the same type viruses to make bombs or special viruses. Level will be completed when players destroy the virus source. It looks very simple but there are always difficulties come from the obstacles, virusesí speed and distance, or other different type viruses moving continually and "bump". Jack's Mistake satisfies players when well done the mission of a puzzle game: challenge players' brains and patience with more than 45 levels throughout 6 different virusesí life points.

With good game play, nice graphic and funny music, Jack's Mistake has won the hearts and minds of picky juries in the Lumia AppCampus Challenge 2013. Will be you pickier than them?

Download and enjoy Jack's Mistake on Windows Phone Store

HOT: Jack's Mistake is free on store till 04 Jan 2013