My ASEAN Holidays - 2014 Edition

Figuring out when is the next holiday ? Or planning your trip and avoiding peak holiday seasons ?

Now you can find out the holidays in South East Asia countries from this handy app at your disposal.

Not only does this app allow you to view the holidays, it can remind you of upcoming holiday as well as search for holidays in a selected country.

To install, please search for "MY ASEAN HOLIDAYS" in Windows Phone Store.

Countries list (not sorted at the moment) :

1. Malaysia
2. Singapore
3. Brunei
4. Indonesia
5. Thailand
6. Cambodia
7. Myanmar (Burma)
8. Laos
9. Vietnam
10. Philippines

Available features :
- Offline cached view for 24 hours.
- Add reminders for holidays
- Countdown to national holidays
- Live Tile icon
- Search national holidays

Update :
v2.0 - Updated app icon, new ad provider and 2015 holidays
v1.8.1 - Update for ads display
v1.8 - Updated holidays and Live Tile

Note : There might be certain differences in the day of holiday shown due to timezone difference. This will be fixed in a later version.

Disclaimer : The holiday dates mentioned in this app are meant to be used as reference only. The dates may not be accurate if there are certain changes in the country holidays later on.

All dates are updated on best effort basis. App owner will not be held liable for any inaccuracies. Consequently, please report any inaccuracies to the support email address.