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Thread: New Windows Phone is disappointing

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    Default New Windows Phone is disappointing

    Having had a Nokia Lumia for more than 2 years, I waited in anticipation for the new Windows phone – 6 months to be exact.

    What a disappointment. I don’t even know where to begin.

    • It has to be charged at least twice a day
    • At times, the phone becomes so hot that you can barely pick it up
    • I can’t count the number of times in a day it freezes or just shuts down.
    • Took it to service provider to update but no better. I had to pay for this service and a lot of my info was lost.
    • Although I have installed Cortana, cannot find out how to use it. I agree that this is probably my fault and I am being obtuse, but surely there should be something on the internet to assist me?
    • The connection to my hands free car kit – which worked perfectly with my previous Lumia – is pretty useless. I can only answer calls, not make them. It does not read my text messages or let me reply.
    Notifications of WhatsApp messages stay on my screen after I have read them

    I am assuming that the phone does most of these things but unfortunately, the support for the phone in South Africa seems to be non existent which does not help me to sort out any of my problems.

    I run my business from my phone as I am on the road a lot and it is indispensable to me. What do you suggest? I really cannot afford to pay for this phone and get a new one which will enable me to do everything I need to do. I think I will have to go back to the old Lumia. At least that worked.

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    I am surprised that you are facing so many issues on a new Phone.

    The best option would be to back up your data, reset your phone, then install additional updates and see if that works.

    In this case, your seller is the best person to talk to - unless you have a Microsoft representative available in your city.

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