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Thread: What's the future of Windows Phone ?

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    Default What's the future of Windows Phone ?


    Could some one give us a hint about the future of Windows Phone ?


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    It's dead.

    There are reports that the Surface Phone will be launched this year though ...

    I just moved from Windows Phone to Android.

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    I wouldn't be spending any money on a windows phone. If my phone died (650), i would probably make the jump over to iPhone. I'm not a fan of apple products, but the thought of using android makes me cringe - last android phone I had taught me new levels of anger and frustration I never thought possible.

    It's been a good run with windows phone, but all good things do seem to come to an end

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    As of now, Windows phone has died out.
    Windows was never meant to be a widely used software on smart phones.
    Because they started late in the market and they didn't acquire enough traction to gather moss.
    Also, 21st century was to be an information age And no proprietary software would win.
    It is simple - If you give away your service for free, the customer would feel free to gather your data and then sell it to their clients.
    Windows being a paid software, started late and there was no other thing that could stop them from being discontinued.

    I hope this helps!

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