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Thread: Autorun Eater - Detect malicious autorun.inf files

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    Lightbulb Autorun Eater - Detect malicious autorun.inf files

    I found this thanks to a visit to Corrine's security garden, after following a link there to this page Donna's SecurityFlash, which I think should be of interest to everyone. This programme is called AutoRun Eater and the explaination is below

    It is not an anti-virus nor does it pretend to be one. Autorun Eater is meant to work side-by-side with your AV application. As more and more malwares resort to 'autorun.inf' file tactics, there has been a need for such a tool, especially for new users. Autorun Eater protects you by warning you when a suspicious 'autorun.inf' file is detected on your storage device, thus preventing accidental execution of the malware file.

    I have installed it and it works with no problems. Further information and download available at Old McDonald’s Farm

    Again my Thanks to Corrine and Donna MVPs for their links

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    Ah that's a nice app! Neat. Thanks for bringing it here.

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    This IS new to me, and looks like a great app at that too ! Thanks for posting it here. Will definitely check it out.

    From FAQ :

    Q. How does Autorun Eater determine which ‘autorun.inf’ file is suspicious?

    A. Autorun Eater determines determines whether an ‘autorun.inf’ file is malicious or not by checking for certain strings in the file. You are then warned and asked for further action if ‘autorun.inf’ files containing those strings are detected. This also applies if the ‘autorun.inf’ has not been previously ignored

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    woww...its too handy.

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    Just downloaded, thanks seti.. I'll test it

    ops, I forgot to thanks Corinne too, sorry
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    No thanks needed for me, Leofelix. I am merely the avenue Seti took to get to Donna's blog.

    I like that the default setting is 'Ask For Confirmation'.

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