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Thread: Wanted: Conficker coder. $250,000 reward

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    Default Wanted: Conficker coder. $250,000 reward

    If it's a Wild West of hackers, crackers and malware authors out there in cyberspace, there's a new sheriff in town.

    Microsoft today offered a $250,000 (176,000) reward for information that results in the arrest and conviction of those responsible for illegally launching the Conficker malicious code.

    Conficker (aka Downadup) is a worm that was first spotted back in October but that has only recently experienced explosive growth, especially in Brazil, Russia and India.

    Server-ed up on a plate

    Conficker exploits a vulnerabilty in Microsoft Windows Server that allows an anonymous attacker to successfully take full control of a vulnerable system through a network-based attack.

    Microsoft has since patched the vulnerablity (find out all about it at Conficker Worm: Protect Windows from Conficker.A and Conficker.B) but the worm is also adept at copying itself across networks and spreading itself on removable media like USB drives.

    Microsoft also announced a partnership with technology industry leaders and academia. Together with security researchers, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and Domain Name System operators, Microsoft coordinated a response designed to disable domains used by Conficker to update itself to overcome security measures.

    Cnet quotes figures suggesting that Conficker is infecting between half and 2 million PCs day, while some experts conservatively estimate that 12 million PCs remain infected.

    If you know something about Conficker's origins and fancy that cool quarter of a million bucks, you should "contact your international law enforcement agency". Residents of any country are eligible for the snitch dosh.

    Wanted: Conficker coder. $250,000 reward - Latest News - MSN Tech & Gadgets UK


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    Did they specify : DEAD OR ALIVE

    Thanks for the post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyAndyK View Post
    Did they specify : DEAD OR ALIVE

    Thanks for the post.
    May I be forgiven, but my vote is for their "privets" be put in a large vice and squeezed until their eyses pop out

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    Great offer if you can find someone.

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