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View Poll Results: Are the days of Signature based security software numbered ?

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Thread: Are the days of Signature based security software numbered ?

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    Exclamation Are the days of Signature based security software numbered ?

    Signature-based malware scanning, as we know it, will decline in effectiveness, imo !

    The days of definition based internet defense may well be numbered, but still, at this point only a few of today's security suites include "BEHAVIOUR-BASED" protection !

    ZoneAlarm and Panda TruPrevent, apart from Prevx, were among the first to have behavior-based solutions that block malware by its bad behavior. Just on the basis of this strength, Panda blocks up to 90 percent and ZASS up to 70 percent of network and e-mail worms !

    Behavior-based protection is different from heuristics; a technique that looks for suspicious patterns in executable code.

    Existing Anti-Virus software use a Signature Database to identify a virus. Many now use heurestics, of which NOD32 is said to have strong heuristics defenses.

    The "signature" of the "BEHAVIOUR-BASED" security software, is a binary string in a particular sequence. This is said to be unique to each virus. A signature based technology identifies the virus, based on the presence of this particular string, in an executable file. Once the string is found, the virus is identified & the software removes or blocks the malware file.

    The advantage is it can detect new threats, based on their behaviors, before a menace is identified and assigned a threat signature and name. The drawback of behavior based security software is that it can generate a much higher level of false alerts.

    What do you think ? Will signature based security software continue to rule the roost ... or will the hybrids take-over ... or will times change ?

    Would love to learn more on this

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    Thanks Andy for this. Personally I've been thinking for some time that the more virus applications change the more changes are needed in the anti virus programes will be needed to meet that challenge. I think I remember reading somewhere that Microsft had started to push av vendor to change from signature based ones, but I can not remember where. I think that the only way that we are going to get on top of things is by going the behaviour route

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    I do not know,
    I personally tested Panda Internet Security 2009 with TruePrevent enabled: the most of rootkit, virus and spyware were not detected or simply Panda warned me there were some infections with no action.
    The system slown down in return.
    I cannot trust spanish Panda.
    I have to say that I was Impressed by ThreatFire free which detected many sample of malware running in memory and allowed me to stop and kill malicious processes easily.

    However I still keep on using NOD32, Kaspersky or Avira
    Many thanks
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