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Thread: IMPORTANT INFO about Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 !

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    Default IMPORTANT INFO about Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 !

    Hi !

    IMPORTANT INFO about Kaspersky Internet Security 2009:

    Today i received a warning about ” Outdated Database” !?
    Very strange since the program is (of course) set to update automatically.
    I checked, it WAS set on automatically.

    I then tried to do a manual update, the clock started to run, but nothing else happened, nothing was downloaded.
    I checked the settings and found that it was set to update from a server in South Africa, I changed to Sweden (my country) which provided the same result, nothing downloaded.

    I continued troubleshooting and found the problem: it was set to use a Proxy server !?
    I do NOT use a Proxy server for the moment, I have tested a Proxy server at several occasions during the last week, and it seems the program has noticed that and recorded the settings for the Proxy.
    I removed the setting, and then successfully made a manual update.

    But since I am NOT using any Proxy now (it´s not running at all), why does the program try to update via the Proxy server ???
    If a Proxy cannot be found then of course the program should do the update without it !?
    And if for ANY reason the update fails, then of course the program should INFORM me about it, so I know there is a security problem and then can do something about it.
    But also so that I can be VERY careful about how I use my computer until the problem is solved…

    I checked the log to see when the last update was done, and it was 2 days ago ?!
    Looking further at the log I could see that the only moments an update was done successfully , was when i had the proxy running.
    At all other moments it tried several times to update through the Proxy server, which then failed.
    Considering all the new viruses that comes out daily, it means that i have been unprotected SEVERAL times during the last week.

    I have seen my computer behaving a bit strange the last days, and i start to wonder why…
    Now i am going to do all FULL scan of my computer to see if it´s still “clean”.

    So if you are using / have used a proxy server, check your settings if you turn off the proxy !

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    Thanks for that. Kaspersky users should take note.

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    A timely warning warning to all users and thanks for such a promt post

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    Thanks for your feedback.
    I didn't experienced the issue you described, but I'll take note

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