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Thread: Beware of ďAnti-Virus-1″ - Another Fake Anti-virus in Town

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    Angry Beware of ďAnti-Virus-1″ - Another Fake Anti-virus in Town

    Attention please! There is a new adware "Anti-Virus-1". Its a fake anti-virus program which looks like Windows default "Security Center".

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    Here is what the "Panda Labs" says:

    It is designed to simulate a scan of the computer, supposedly detecting thousands of strains of (non-existent) malware. The end aim is to sell users a pay version of the fake antivirus in order to eliminate the threats.

    When run, this adware warns the user that the computer is not protected. The main screen displayed is a spoof of the Window Security Center.

    It then pretends to scan the system for malware. If users do not immediately take the bait and buy the pay version of the fake antivirus, the malicious code will sporadically display a message reminding the user that the computer is infected.

    In warning messages, and after the fake scan, a link is provided from which users can download the fake antivirus. Anyone clicking on the link will be redirected to a page like this.

    Additionally, when infected users visit certain Web pages with comparative reviews of antivirus products, there will be redirected to a spoof page showing a review of an 'antivirus', called Antivirus2010, with functions and characteristics similar to Anti-Virus-1.

    So make sure you don't install this or any other fake-antivirus program.

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    Thanks for the heads up. Rogue programs appear to be everywhere these days.

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    Thanks for the info. Point is, we should not install a program without "googling" about it.
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    Thanks for this information I am sure that many will fall for this because not everyone is well informed about things. The people who do such things make me

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    Thanks for the informations..

    'Cause of rogue security applications I use and reccomend MalwareBytes AntiMalware to fight them

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    hey thanks for informing and bewaring us, from these type of fake softwares.

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