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Thread: Malicious Code Authors Jump on the Swine Flu Bandwagon

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    Exclamation Malicious Code Authors Jump on the Swine Flu Bandwagon

    Computer viruses got their name because they spread just like biological viruses. There are other parallels as well; for instance, best practices. In the medical world they are called preventative measures, but really they are best practices. For instance, you should wash your hands in soap and water often. In the computer world, the equivalent is keeping your security software up to date and keeping your patches current. For computer users, if you follow this one best practice, your computer will stay healthy.

    Taking advantage of public concern about the swine flu, malware writers have entered the game. Potential victims are going to get an email with a PDF attachment that promises to answer all questions about the much talked about swine flu. The attachment is named “Swine influenza frequently asked questions.pdf.”

    Symantec detects the malicious PDF file as Bloodhound.Exploit.6 and the dropped malicious file contained in the PDF as InfoStealer.

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    didn't take long did it? Are we surprised No

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    so these attachment are related to Adobe Reader vulnerability too..
    Mc Afee warned about "Swine flu spam"

    Thank you HappyAndyK
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    thanks for the info, now i'll beware of such emails....

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