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Thread: Remove Another Rogue Anti-Spyware Program “WiniBlueSoft” without Software

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    Arrow Remove Another Rogue Anti-Spyware Program “WiniBlueSoft” without Software

    Earlier to this Post I have Posted a Article i.e “Remove Another Rogue Anti-Spyware “Virus Shield 2009″ - Without Software“. This time I am posting another Article on a Another Rogue Program i.e Winibluesoft. This Program also Works same as “Virus Shield 2009” & “WinPC Defender” it basically generates misleading pop-up windows and fake error messages attempting to scare the user and hopping that he will purchase a license of “WiniBlueSoft″.

    So, if any of you suffers from this Anti-Spyware, then here is a tutorial how to remove this program completely from your PC by Manually.

    Follow the below tutorial to kick off this Anti-Spyware “WiniBlueSoft“:

    1. Kill the Below process (by using Task manager or Task Killer Software )

    • WiniBlueSoft.exe
    • 13951spzmb9t5a2.exe
    • 14041hackt5zl99.exe
    • uninstall.exe
    • 19524spyze9.exe
    • 19991not-a-v5rzs1c9.exe
    • 19z43hacktoo965f.exe

    2. Delete the following registry entries (By using Registry Editor)
    ==> HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WiniBlueSoft
    ==> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Uninstall\WiniBlueSoft
    ==> HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Run “setup2.exe”
    ==> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Run “WiniBlueSoft”
    3. Search and delete the following files

    • always_skip.xml
    • data.bin
    • License.txt
    • main_config.xml
    • uninstall.exe
    • WiniBlueSoft.exe
    • c:Homepage.lnk
    • c:Uninstall.lnk
    • c:WiniBlueSoft.lnk
    • 102959roz2b45.ocx
    • 10325virusz955.ocx
    • 10355h9eat227z2.cpl
    • 115z1vi9us3e85.ocx
    • 1197addwaze16915.ocx
    • 127b95ief305z.ocx
    • 13323w95mz1b.ocx
    • 135zvir1929.cpl
    • 1393z5or9df.ocx
    • 13951spzmb9t5a2.exe
    • 14041hackt5zl99.exe
    • 19199hackt5zl7a1.bin
    • 19524spyze9.exe
    • 19544spy6fbz.ocx
    • 19991not-a-v5rzs1c9.exe
    • 19z43hacktoo965f.exe
    • 1a59dow9lozder1735.ocx
    • 1b20z9a5se2186.bin
    • 111znot-a-v5rus998.dll
    • 11797tzoj595.dll
    • 12946sz5mbot79c.dll
    • 129cvir1z58.dll
    • 12bbszy5ar91941.dll
    • 19945hzcktool65b.dll

    4. You may also have to delete the following directories
    c:\Program Files\WiniBlueSoft Software
    c:\Program Files\WiniBlueSoft Software\WiniBlueSoft
    c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\WiniBlueSoft

    Use on your own risk, I will not be responsible when you delete a wrong registry entry as a simple mistake on regisrty entry may lead to fatal error on your system.

    Source: Tweaking Windows

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    Thanx Rahul for such articles, that explain whole anti-virus signature task to eliminate such harmful and annoying viruses.

    But common thing is that, these viruses are most of time affecting Windows XP or earlier.
    I didn't see any issues in Windows Vista and Windows 7 with UAC. UAC is the most powerful security mechanism shipped with Windows Vista and revamped in Windows 7.

    Im not using any Antivirus solution in Windows 7 (UAC enabled) it ain't affected so far

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