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Thread: Fraudsters phish for Facebook user details

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    Default Fraudsters phish for Facebook user details

    Facebook users are being targeted by a new wave of phishing attacks.

    According to the security firm, Symantec, the attacks use a person's Facebook account to send an email containing a malicious link to that person's friends. The link directs users to a site that looks identical to the Facebook login page.

    The victim is prompted to provide their login information, which the fraudsters use to hijack their account and spread the link.

    However, Symantec warned that the fraudsters are probably after more than peopleís Facebook details. In the Symantec Security Response blog, Marian Merritt writes that the company ďbelieve the focus on Facebook isnít simply to dupe a handful of people in a drawn-out financial scam.

    ďSome suspect it is part of a larger effort to target those who are highly-connected adopters of online environments and likely to be users of many related online services. Get one password for the right person and itís like having their wallet handed over," she says.

    The company said it was working to remove messages with the malicious links and help secure compromised accounts. But it said Facebook users must also observe best practice, for example, by not having the same password for multiple accounts and maintaining a high level of caution.

    Source:: Fraudsters phish for Facebook user details - 15 May 2009 - Computeractive

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    I am sorry that something that is enjoyable for many people is being attacked, but the best way to aviod it is not to use it as I don't.

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    i don't understand why some selfish people make such good thing worse used by many of the peoples, why they want to harm others.....why dont they understand afterall Its One World....why are they trying to make this and get other live too..
    but no one can stop us....we will use, will we share....whether whatever happens....we will never stop...

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    Unfortunately there are still many people who click on every link or banner even if these links are obvious phishing web sites.

    Thanks for head up, johnny rotton.

    However I deleted my facebook (and twitter) account some days ago.
    I'm really tired of social networks

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    Default Facebook

    Yeah I had an account with facebook months back, only used for 2 weeks closed my account didn"t feel safe. It's a shame those B....... want to spoil people that want to have fun.

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