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Thread: Symptom of virus infections ???

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    Default Symptom of virus infections ???

    does any one tell me what r the symptom of virus and
    how to know that u r pc get effected by virus and how
    to remove it ...

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    I assume you suspect you are infected?

    This is a very difficult question to answer because viruses and maleware have a wide variety of destructive tendencies.

    I also assume one symptom you have is a slow computer.

    My best advise is to get a good security suite. Most peole here recommend ESET or Kaspersky.

    Internet Security Software 2009 for Home Computer Security - Kaspersky Lab

    Firewall, Antivirus, Antispam: ESET Smart Security Has It All

    You can download a free trial for both to rid your system of infections. But do purchase one for long term protection.

    You should also have a good anti maleware scanner. Again most people on here will suggest Malewarebytes or Spybot. They are both free and Windows Defender is another a free one.

    The home of Spybot-S&D!

    Windows Defender: Home Page

    For speed another good thing to do is keep your system clean of old junk files. CCleaner is the best for this.

    CCleaner - Home

    Of course keep the hard drive defragged. There are several free ones out there and the one that comes with Vista is just fine to use.

    A good free one is:

    Defragment Disk | Smart Defrag | Free Disk Defragmenter Download
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    If you only want to know what a virus is:

    Computer virus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Do not confuse a Virus with Spyware, Trojan Horse, Adware, Rootkit, Exploit wich are different and can be more dangerous.

    So pay attention: never run a file from untrusted source, keep your OS and third party software (Sun Java, Flash Player, QuickTime, Adobe Reader etc etc ect) up to date.
    Never open attachments from untrusted sources.
    Do use and antispam.
    Do use an antivirus and an antispyware, scan your system regurarly.
    I would suggest you to add a Personal Firewall (there are some free which are very good)
    Install WOT free add on both for Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.x to avoid phishing and othe scam, and a good adblock to avoid banners and ads.
    Do not allow you e-mail client to preview messages and images.
    Never allow your browser to remember password and username.
    Do not surf warez and porn websites
    Tell you OS to make you view known extensions file (*.exe *.doc *.vbs *.zip etc etc)
    Always read EULA when installing software.

    Do not share your personal data.

    Do use a backup software.

    Keep you informed by reading

    Security | Windows 7 Tips, Features, Downloads, Security, News & More.

    Security Garden

    Donna's SecurityFlash

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    Run your AV scan in 'full/max mode.

    Also post your hijack this log file here. You may get it checked at HijackThis Logfileauswertung to get an idea BUT dont take any action on it. Maybe Corrine will be able to advice you, in case it is infected.

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