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Thread: What to know about a file before you download it

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    Default What to know about a file before you download it

    Consider the four points below before you click an attachment (or link) in an e-mail or instant message, download a file from a Web site, or share files from a stranger's computer.

    1. Pause before you open attachments and click links
    • Never open attachments in e-mail or instant messages from strangers. If you know the sender, but the message arouses your suspicions, check with the sender before you open the attachment. If they did not send it, delete the e-mail and ignore the instant message.
    • Think twice before you click links in e-mail or instant messages. (If you know the sender, check before you click.) The same goes for pop-up windows and banner ads. Be especially wary of clicking a link that accompanies a request for confidential information—for example one that says "Click here…"
    • Do not click "Agree," "OK," or "I accept" to get rid of a pop-up advertisement, an unexpected warning, or even an offer to remove spyware. Instead, close the window by clicking Windows XP-style close button in the upper-right corner, or by pressing ALT+F4 on your keyboard.

    2. Download from reputable sites
    Be cautious about downloading from a Web site if you were referred there by e-mail from an unknown source. Also be wary if the site contains objectionable material, makes offers that seem too good to be true, or does not include a clearly written privacy statement.

    3. Respect the law
    Remember that the words, music, software, games, or video files you download are someone's original work. You (or your kids) risk serious legal trouble if you use copyrighted material without the permission of its rightful owner. Violating the federal laws that govern the use of this material can lead to fines and even jail time. Note, too, that there are some files, such as certain kinds of pornography, that are illegal to intentionally download, view, or own.

    4. Install and use file-sharing programs cautiously
    When you use file-sharing (also known as peer-to-peer or P2P) programs to trade music, video, and other files on the Web, you make some of your files available to others using similar software. Using some file-sharing programs can also mean leaving an open back door to your computer while it's connected to the Internet.

    File-sharing programs have other risks. The programs can themselves be purveyors of malicious software (or malware). Or, they may lead you unwittingly to download something that is illegal, such as a copyrighted song or certain kinds of pornography. And once on your computer, some of these programs can be exceedingly tough to remove (assuming you can even find them).

    So share files only with people you know and trust. Some evildoers share what they claim are music or movies, but are actually disturbing images, viruses, or worse.


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    Thanks for heads up, nitin
    What Microsoft states is very important and true.
    The most of P2P softwares are spyware themselves and however I wouldn't install one of them for no reason.
    Unfortunately there are people who download Security programs via P2P too, this is really absurd.
    And many people do not protect their hard disk when sharing via P2P

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    hi !

    good advice.

    a tip about sharing files: upload your files to "Windows Live" or some similar site, and let other people get them there.

    that´s a lot safer then letting them connect to your PC.

    also, i´ve been told never to download any torrents, because you don´t know if they have been manipulated, and therefore might give you viruses or some other sh-t.

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    informative article. most of ppl do mistake while downloading files.
    thanx @ nitin.

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