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Thread: Microsoft Security Essentials Beta Update

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    Default Microsoft Security Essentials Beta Update

    An update to the Beta Microsoft Security Essentials software was released. The current version is 1.0.1500.0, identified as "Microsoft Security Essentials Product version update package - KB972958". At the time of this posting, there are no results in a search for KB 972958.

    The most noticeable change in the version update is the updated tray icon showing a check mark on a green background when the settings indicate that the computer status is "Protected". Turning off, for example, the real-time protection results in the icon turning red with an X and the message that the Computer is "At risk".

    Because Microsoft Security Essentials is still in Beta, it is expected that any other changes were bug fixes.

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    I've posted the news yesterday.
    thanks for more details corrine....

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    I think Microsoft is on the right track but with that being said I will not load it on my system until they do the final release .

    I had Microsoft Security Essentials on my system for about 3 weeks , it started out fine then all of a sudden during downloads the realtime protection would turn itself off , it started doing it more and more then eventually it would just start turning itself off all on it's own even without downloading anything .

    It just started becoming a hassel and and I just reverted back to my old internet security suite .

    I am sure once all the bugs are worked out MSE will be just fine .

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