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Thread: W32/Delphi Induc Worm free Cleaner 1.0

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    Default W32/Delphi Induc Worm free Cleaner 1.0

    There is a new type of virus in the wild called Win32.Induc.A / Delphi.Induc since April 2009 that only infects Delphi Compilers. Unfortunately anti virus software started to detected it almost 4 months later. During that time the virus was spread wildly on the internet and on magazin CDs. And now a lot of applications are infected.

    The good thing about this virus is, that it only infects Delphi 4 - 7 and no other programs or executables.
    The bad thing is, that most anti virus programs refuse to start applications that have been compiled with infected Delphi compilers. Most anti virus applications are also unable to remove that virus from the executable. So you end up with a lot of applications on your hard disk that you are unable to start.

    GSA has developed a freeware tool that could remove the Win32/Induc.A virus completely from executables and let you start them again without your anti virus complaining about

    Options explained

    Scan only executables
    Scan only files with extentions like exe, dll or ocx.

    Scan only files who seem to be delphi compiled (detection could fail)
    If the executable was not compiled with delpi, it is not scanned.

    Unpack UPX packed files if possible
    UPX is often used to reduce the size of an executable. It must be unpacked to scan for the virus code.

    Create Backup (in case disinfection fails)
    If checked, the program will copy the executable to *.bak and start cleaning. In case the executable is no longer working (should not happen), you can copy it back.

    Recursive scan
    The program will scan all sub folder if you have this checked.

    Source: Delphi Virus Win32/Induc.A Cleaner

    You can also download W32/Induc.A free Cleaner from SoftPedia

    GSA Delphi Induc Cleaner Download - Softpedia

    More info about W32/Induc.A

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    thanks for this important update leo...

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    Thank you my friend for this very important news and solution that we should all take notice of here and take action as soon as possible.

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