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Thread: So much security, I can't get to internet

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    Default So much security, I can't get to internet

    I was surfing web, evil red blinker popped up saying I has mult viruses. I DID NOT click on any of that trash. Scanned via McAfee but it was a full scan & slow. Poked around security and activated firewall and answered some question about completely disconnecting my computer from the web. Seemed like a good idea @ the time.

    Now, the firewall is up but my system doesn't recognize any of our wireless connections. I'm sure there are specifics you need that I don't know to tell you. I'm in healthcare, not computers but I can follow instructions.

    If this issue sounds familiar to anyone, please let me know what I can do about this issue or what other info you need to help me. Thankfully, we do have more than one computer but I want to use mine.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi Maggie, welcome to the forum. Can you be more specific about your security settings that you have as that would help with any advice that can be given. Is the Macafee the Internest Security Suite or just the anti virus for example. Ok.

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    Please download HiJackThis to your desktop, run it and click "Do a system scan and save a log file" then post your log file here.
    Since I suppose you catched a Rogue Security Software (a malware which simulates an antivirus, an antispyware or a registry cleaner), download and install MalwareBytes' Antimalware 1.41 , run a full scan, then post MBAM log file here too, please.

    Welcome aboard

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    When you answered the question about disconnecting from the web, it may have disabled your wireless card?

    If you have a wireless connection icon on the system tray that shows it is disconnected, right click on it and click on enable. If this is the problem that should take care of it.

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    I would have probably done this to begin with:

    Uninstalled McAfee, Run Disk Clean.
    Ran sfc /scannow
    Rebooted, if asked.
    Seen if I could now connect to the internet.
    If yes, re-installed McAfee.
    If you cannot now connect, then you'll atleast know that it was your McAfee causing the problem. You can then take it from there.

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