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Thread: Newtworking questions one at a time first up ipv4 and ipv6

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    Default Newtworking questions one at a time first up ipv4 and ipv6

    hello i have a couple questions but i dont want to post them all in this thread at one time because i find asking questions one at a time is better. anyways i was wondering which is better for security- or does it play no role in security
    is ipv4 or dual stack ipv4 and ipv6 better for security?

    these are all things i can enable in my firewall. this is what the help sections says about it.

    IPv4 Only
    This option utilizes IPv4 on the Internet and local network.

    Dual-Stack IP
    This option utilizes IPv4 over the Internet and IPv4 and IPv6 on the local network. IPv6 hosts in the LAN are connected to remote IPv6 islands over 6to4 tunnels.

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    IPv4 vs IPv6
    IPv6 wikipedia
    IPv4 vs IPv6: Comparison

    All these reads will surely clear your problem check them.

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    technologically, IPv6 is more secure than IPv4. The last link in Nitin's post talks about Tunneling which is one of the ways by which IPv6 is more secure and there's another one but it's somewhere in one of my books.

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    that is indded a great read. thanks. that helps alot. am curious though do any of you know if the security

    (since it says ipv6 will only used on the local network according to the router/firewall) i am wondering because i also play online games MMO's multiplayer sorta like world of warcraft ect. was wondering if the extra security of ipv6 would only be usefull if i had alot of computers file sharing? see i only have 2 pc's in the house and i disabled file-sharing because i believe thats more secure since my fiance is'nt computer savy and will go to just about anyweb page. so since we dont file share ,and the network is a wired network i am wonderin if ipv4 would be just as secure in this environment?

    reason i ask is because ipv6 takes more resources on the firewall (not worried bout reasources on the pc) lag ect on the firewall and my firewall has applicartion annomaly detection, intrusion prevention, and some other stuff normal 100.00 firewalls dont have, so it does alot of processing so anything i dont need and can turn off may decrease any lag for playing massive multiplayer online games like champions online, world of warcraft, everquest 2 ect.
    now i do not want to sacrafice security for speed, i want the most secure network but it's my understanding that ipv6 is best for file sharing mobile devices ect, wich i wont be using. and ipv6 is only an option on my firewall for local networks. unless im missin somthing.

    what do you guys think.
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