ESET Smart Security v 4.0.467 has been released in English (ENU), Slovak (SKY), Czech (CSY), Polish (PLK), Russian (RUS), Spanish (ESN), French (FRA), Chinese Simplified (CHS), Chinese Traditional (CHT) and Dutch (NLD) 7 German (DEU) • French Canadian (FRC) • Hungarian (HUN) • Portuguese Brazilian (PTB) • Slovenian (SLV) • Turkish (TRK) • Bulgarian (BGR) • Danish (DAN) • Finnish (FIN) • Norwegian (NOR) • Romanian (ROM) • Swedish (SVE)
• Ukrainian (UKR) - Croatian (HRV) for licensed users, with trial versions and other languages to follow.


•Fixed: External driver injection in ESET SysRescue on Microsoft Windows 7 RC fails when this option is selected in the advanced mode of ESET SysRescue wizard

• Fixed: Error sending a file via “Send to” in the right-click menu. The problem only occurs in combination of Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Outlook 2003 when the Microsoft Outlook process is not running.

• Fixed: Mozilla Thunderbird with IMAP account freezes when a virus-laden message is received

• Improved: Compatibility with server operating systems

• Improved: HTTP scanning compatibility

Eset - ESET Smart Security 4